Gas Fireplace Won't Start But Pilot Light Is On

Gas Fireplace Won't Start But Pilot Light Is On

Gas Fireplace Won't Start But Pilot Light Is On. There is a possibility that there is air trapped in the tubing leading to the logs. To do so, press and hold the pilot button for two minutes as the air drains out.

Gas Fireplace Won't Start But Pilot Light Is OnGas Fireplace Won't Start But Pilot Light Is On
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Hi, the pilot light of my gas fireplace is lit, but the main flame doesn't turn on automatically. It is important to keep in mind that when starting a gas fireplace it may be necessary to slightly open a window or door for the first few. Make sure the gas is switched on by checking the main valve.


Check The Air Draft Of The Vent Cap.

The pilot, found as part of the ignition, can often be seen when looking down from above within the firebox or below through the control area. Gas fireplace won’t light🔥 (fixed)simple steps to get your fireplace going again to warm your and save💰💰💰most often these easy cleaning steps ge. You can may bypass the electronic ignition and manual light the following your service technician.

Then, Turn The Dial Of Your Control Knob Off To Shut The Pilot Light Off.

One of the biggest problems associated with gas fireplaces is related to the pilot light. This is basically the role of the pilot light. You can use it to manually ignite the gas fireplace when there is no electricity.

As A Result, Gas Fireplaces Prove Popular Among Homeowners Who Want To Stay Warm As The Temperature Takes A.

If the pilot is lit, make sure the gas valve control is in the on. When the pilot is lit you will see a blue flame under the logs. If your gas fireplace won't light, this video will show you the steps to take to troubleshoot the problem and fix it.

As The Pilot Light Is Required To Help Start The Main Burner Flames.

There wouldn't be any issue with circuit breakers. Step 3 if gas is pouring out of the pilot but it still won’t light, use a can of compressed. This is a safety system designed to keep the fireplace from lighting if the pilot light is extinguished.

If Your Gas Is Turned On But Your Pilot Light Is Out Try Relighting The Pilot (There Will Be A Procedure For This In Your Manual).

It will help to displace the tiny disk and the pilot light will go off. If the fireplace pilot light is on but won’t start, make sure your gas valve is turned on and check the fuse or breakers. When this is observed, many reasons can be attributed to it.

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